Monday, 2 August 2010

owl obsession

My friend has an absolute obsession with owl's, so she asked me if I could do a little research and find the best owl products out right now. I wasn't fussed on "owly" things before, but the things I have found I really like, their a bit scary (the eyes creep me out!) but their still cute. Also an advantage is that all the jewelery on here will basically go with anything.

1*These earrings are gorgeous. I like them because they have a vintage feel to them and the print on there is really cool. They are only £3.50 and are from Miss Selfridge.

2*The owl kirbies are adorable! They are £4.00 from Topshop and in my opinion a great buy.

3*I actually think I may buy this vest. It's once again got a vintage/unique look to it and I love that! It's £16.00 and from Topshop.

*This necklace is really pretty. There are also matching earrings next to it. Their articulated and I love the burnished look. The necklace is £7.50 and the earrings are £8.50 and their both once again from Topshop.

5*This ring is my least favourate item, only because the eyes are super creepy! I do like the pearl in the middle though. The ring is £7.50 and from Dorothy Perkins.