Thursday, 29 July 2010

straw hat and granny bags

This is just a couple of things that I can't stop wearing this summer. (well I say summer... I mean rainy season). I love my trilby hat. It seems to suit me really well and goes with everything which is always an advantage.
Then there's the really cute bag, but sadly it's my nanny's. I want it so badly though. The little circle on the front is a coin, and I have a little obsession for old coins. It's quite sad actually. Sometimes I go to the museum in Cardiff, just to see the coin collection. Nerdy much?
But yeh that is one of the reasons that I like the bag so much. Also, I like it because I'm sure she bought it for about £1.50 at the charity shop she works in so it's a great bargain, and also, it's very vintage. I loveeee vintage !!

Anyway, this look was quite cute I thought. My new dress. (I put it on brand new this morning, went to McDonald's for breakfast and then I ended up getting maple syrup all down my dress. I have no idea how it happened but oh well.) I like the poofyness of the skirt and the detail at the top. It's almost like a corset which is cute.

Going camping tomorrow, I have chosen very inappropriate outfits, (dresses, playsuits). I need to invest in a wooly jumper !! Will hopefully do a post on that later in the week.


Monday, 26 July 2010

America, America, how i wish to live in your country!

So America has done it again, it has another thing that makes me just want to pack my bags, jump on a plane and get first class tickets to New York!
So I recently had a prom to go to, and I payed £150.00 for a dress that I will never wear again. If only I lived in America.

So is a website where you basically, rent the runway. It does dresses and even accessories for all occasions for a fraction of the designer price! Weddings, proms, going out, vacations and even casual wear.
Another thing I love about this website is that if you want, they will send you two dresses of different sizes, just to make sure you have a dress to fit you, and this is with no additional cost! The prices I am giving are for four days of renting.

I had a little look around the website and here are a few of my favorites;

1*So this is a "Boho Mary Kate Dress". Honestly, I love it. The print is gorgeous and the gold beading with the button up front is just stunning. The retail price of this dress is $495.00 (£320.00), the rental price is $75.00 (£48.00).

2*This dress would be perfect for a date night or a cocktail party, the colours are bright and would definitely make you stand out. The retail price is $375.00 (£242.00), the rental price is just $50.00 (£32.00) which is brilliant.

3*I love this dress! I swear, if I had the boobs to pull it off (which I don't), I would have rented it from this website for my prom, no matter how much it cost. In my eye's its the perfect prom dress. The website suggests to wear it as a bridesmaid dress, but I think its to revealing for that, as all the attention should be on the bride, not the bridesmaids boobs. Anyway the retail price of this dress is $630.00 (£407.00) and the rental price is $100.00 (£65.00), which is an amazing price!!

4*Now the accessories on this website are really cheap but they look super expensive which is great. This necklace is super cute and very in right now. It's just too pretty. The retail price is $150.00 (£97.00) and it's rental price is $15.00 (£10.00), which is amazing !!!

5*It was really hard choosing a bracelet of the website. There were so many and they were all different and really cheap. It actually amazed me. I love this eighteen karet gold bracelet because I've never seen something like it before, it's unique and I loveeee unique! This bracelet retails for $340.00 (£220.00) and the rental price is $45.00 (£29.00) and for eighteen karet gold, that's a good price!

6*So as you can tell, I'm obsessed with the accessories on this website, these earrings are so fabulous! They have a vintage look to them and once again, I've never seen anything like them before so their unique. These clip on earrings with genuine pearls and crystals retail for $198.00 (£128.00) and the rental price is only $35.00 (£23.00) which isn't that bad at all.


topshop AW collection - into the wild

So Topshop have released a few pieces from their new AW collection which they have named "Into the Wild".

This is what they have said about it;
"Combine tattered knits and ragged faux fur with flowing silks and sparkling chiffon's for a look that's pretty tough on the outside and delicately pretty underneath. Outerwear is dark and primitive, made up in chamois leathers, waxed inky denims and matt shearling. Team with flowing tulle, scattered crystals, delicate cobweb crochets and metallic foil prints for a mysterious, fairytale feel."
I think it's a very sophisticated collection. Its full of natural and calm colours and I'm relieved that ripped jeans are still on trend because I love them. The green coat is very on trend right now, I love the faux fur around the collar. The boots are gorgeous and the powder colour is elegant yet could make any boho outfit. The ring I think is really cute, the dusty gold colour is angelic. The pumps are so, so, so pretty and graceful, I want them so much.

My favourate piece is the layered shorts. The nude colour is so simple and can go with so much. You can dress them up or down and they look super comfortable. I'm almost guaranteeing that these shorts will be in my wardrobe very, very soon.

All these pieces are on sale on the website now.

1*Fur Collar Army Jacket - £65.00
2*ANDREA Suede Cuff Boots - £65.00
3*Premium Scallop Hem Shorts - £30.00
4*Fine Cobweb Snood - £16.00
5*MYSTIFY Jewel Ballet Pumps - £30.00
6*Burnished Leaf Trail Ring - £8.50
7*Knitted Fisherman Rib Jumper - £42.00
8*Floral Patch Tapered Jeans - £40.00


my desires - part one

This was just a random thought that I thought would be quite cute for my blog, for me to post maybe once a month a few things that I am lusting for so badly. So these things will probably be designer or just out of my price range .

So here are my desires for this month;

1*This is the dress that I put a recent post. It's a maxi dress from the Kate Moss Collection at Topshop and it is £120.00. I absolutely love this dress, it looks perfect and the detail at the top is gorgeous. I really like the halterneck strap as-well.
2*Ah these shoes are my dream shoes right now. I love the biscuit colour and the way the girly frills work with the studs. The shoes are named Mendez and they are from the Jimmy Choo "Pre Fall 10" collection. They are sadly £625.00 and wayyyy out of my league, but if I could by any shoes right now, it would be them.
3*The next item is a gorgeous "
Precious Gemstone Cocktail Ring". It is an oval pink quarts ring by Kara Ross. Is it sad that I am completely in love with it? It's just so damn pretty and the colours are amazing. What I love most about this ring is that it's unique and would make a statement when it's on. It is £129.00 which isn't that bad considering it has a gemstone in it.
4*A necklace that is quite plain and simple, yet elegant and luxurious. The daisy pendant is also a quarts watch and it is gold plated. You can probably tell that this is by Marc Jacobs, as the daisy is one of his best known motifs. I love most things Marc Jacobs, especially his perfume, but this necklace is flawless. Its £150.00 but if I had money like that to spend on a necklace, I would definitely get this.
5*Sunglasses, everyone has to have a pair, the perfect pair. Personally these sunglasses would be perfect for me. The square over sized shape is glamorous and the colour of the tint is fetching. They are £120.00 and are by Miu Miu. The perfect summer accessory.
Last but not least, Louis Vuitton. I have always wanted a Louis Vuitton bag, for as long as I have loved fashion. I'm supposed to be getting one for my 18th birthday. We'll see. Anyway, the bag in the picture isn't the one I would have, I couldn't find the one that I liked on the website. I would have the classic monogram canvas because it would go with practically anything, and it is so stunning! This bag is named "Neo", it is new in on the website and is £1,340.00, and I want it so so badly!


Sunday, 25 July 2010


I have been getting really excited about going to Germany for my first ever time in August. I’ve been doing a little research and these are some photos of Dusseldorf, and they look amazing. Something I really want to do is go up the tower in the photo. It’s so so pretty. Can't wait to see my German friends as well! Less than a month to go now :)



So the one thing that I am stupidly obsessed with this summer is maxi dresses! Their just so gorgeous and easy to wear and anyone can wear them, whether your a size 6 or a size 16, they look great!

These maxi dresses are a few of my favorites;

1*The first one is a "Cutout Maxi Dress" from the Kate Moss collection at Topshop. It's a gorgeous cream colour and it is £120.00. A bit pricey but I bet if I wore that I would feel like a princess.
2*The second dress is a "Floral Bloom Maxi Dress" from Miss Selfridge. It is a bandeau style with a gigantic bloom print. This dress is £30.00 which is a much better price than the first.
3*This one is a "Blue Tribal Print Maxi Dress" from Dorothy Perkins. Not only do I love the print and colours on this dress but I love the wooden halterneck strap as well. It gives it a bit of edge. This dress is £32.00, such a great price for an amazing dress!
4*I love everything about this dress. It is a "Floral Maxi" from the Love** collection at Topshop. It is a creamy/yellow colour, perfect for the summer and the print is just amazing. It is £38.00 and I think it's worth every penny!
5*The last one is a bit unusual. It's a "Nouveau Swirl Maxi" from Warehouse. It has a mix of greyish colours which I think is more winter than summer but could work great for all seasons. It's also a silk dress which makes it more elegant. This dress is £100.00, so is a bit expensive but if you can wear it at any time of year, it's well worth it.

So I love all of these dresses but over all - my favorate is 4*. At only £38.00 it's a bargain and utterly gorgeous! The colours and print are just amazing and I love it.


Dressmaking and Embroidery Classes.

So the main point of me doing this blog is to update you on how my clothes making is going. Because I've never made clothes before I need classes. I looked at my local ones the other day and found a "Dressmaking and Embroidery Class" which sounds really good. It was supposed to cost £102, but because I'm only 16 I get it for a third of the price, £34 which is brilliant!

It starts in September, when I go back to school and it is a night collage thing and it's once a week for twenty weeks. I'm very excited about this but this also means that I won't be doing much dress making and stuff until then. So what I have decided to do is to just try sewing just random things and the first thing I'm going to make is bunting! :D For my baby cousins 1st birthday party which is in a month.

So yeh, I thought I would just let you know. :)


Saturday, 24 July 2010

My Midnight Look

Soo... it really sucks because most people have photographers or people in their house to take pictures. Its summer so all of my friends are on holiday so I can't ask them. So for this one, I had my mam (mom/mother) do it, so please excuse the photo's and the quality.

Even though in the photo's it looks like midnight, it was actually 7pm and really light out but my mam found a cool thing my camera that turned it all dark which is sort of cool. >< So this past week my lookbook has been at its best since I've had it which is making me happy. :) I've had a couple more hypes and a lot more comments which is always good, its improving and that's all that matters.

So now on to my outfit; my dress I got from a holiday in France from this gorgeous boutique and it was only 20 euros!! Bargain! :) My shoes which I completely loveeeeeee are from h&m, I bought them like two years ago just because they were cute but now they are on trend, it's brilliant! Just wish I had more places to wear them. And then the waistcoat (which has gorgeous detail on the back) was only £6 from Primark and my bag was £36 from Topshop. That bag is my "THE" bag. It goes everywhere with me and goes with everything! Its magical <3

All for now...


Tuesday, 20 July 2010

The first one :)

I finished school for the summer about three weeks ago, I'm only 16 so I don't have a job or anything (yet!!), so I realized I needed something to do with my time.
Basically I've started working more on my lookbook, doing more photo's that are, well, better than the first few that are up because their not too good and I have deleted most of them.

Im really pleased about my most recent one, I have had feedback off fellow lookbookers and I have been told that I need to start showing shoes and I completely agree. I had a stunning pair on at the time but couldn't fit them in the picture :(

I am going to try my best on the next picture :)


So, here it goes...

So first off, a little bit about me;

*I am 16, I live near Cardiff in the UK. I have just finished year 11 in school and I will now be going on to do my A-Levels in September which will be maths, religious studies and business studies.
It sounds really boring I know but the things I do outside school sort of make up for it.

*I am an only child, live with my mammy and I love her to bits. I have two stupidly close cousins who are 7/8 years older than me so I feel I have grown up faster and better because of them. Their like my two sisters that I can get rid of when I'm fed up of them. :p

*I love fashion. Everything to do with it. I've always been designing clothes since god knows when but I have finally taken up making them. I got myself a sewing machine and everything and this is sort of why I have made this blog, so I have somewhere sort of official to put photo's up of my progress.

*Music is another thing that I am obsessed with. I live and sleep music. I play guitar, sing, perform, listen, go to gigs and concerts. I lovveeeee it!

So basically, I shall just chuck photo's up and rants of mostly fashiony stuff and stuff that I want but can't afford ><


Beware! I over use smiley faces, my spelling is terrible and I tend to put lots of letters on the end of words like thissssss, just for extra emphases and cause I'm weird. ;D)