Wednesday, 11 August 2010

trilby hats

I am a big fan of trilby hats. They seem to be the only hats that look good on me. I love that for one hat, there are so many different styles and types. Different colours, different ribbons accessorizing it and some with bows, feathers or corsages.

I own one similar to the hat in the bottom left corner. It had black ribbon when I bought it but I then got different coloured ribbons so I can swap them when I feel like it so it could go with a range of outfits. Just a small tip there.

One thing I'm wondering is are they still on trend for the autumn/winter season? I hope so. Topshop are regularly having new ones in stock so that means that they haven't gone out yet. Always a good thing.

Above is a few hats that are my personal favourate finds. My favourate one is the one top middle one (even though it's a man's hat).

Mixed Dark Straw Trilby - New Look - £8.00
Multi Coloured Trilby Hat - Red Herring - £14.00
Nude Linen Trilby - Miss Selfridge - £18.00
Cream Trilby - Miss Selfridge - £15.00
Feather Trilby - Topshop - £25.00
Straw Trilby - French connection - £30.00


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