Monday, 11 October 2010


"I really like this jacket from River Island but it's too expensive, could you find a cheaper alternative for me please?"

The aviator style is one of the biggest trends this season, and with the weather gradually getting cooler, what better way is there to keep you warm?

This jacket from River Island is absolutely gorgeous but it is a little bit expensive. 
You could try looking in the normal high street shops like New Look, Dorothy Perkins or Miss Selfridge to see what you could find. I would say look in Topshop but their jackets cost so much. The one on the right is from Primark - I know it's not exactly the same but it is similar and it's wayyy cheaper! It has the same detail with the fur and the colour, the only main differences is the elasticated waist on the Primark jacket and the buckles on the River Island one. 

If I were to buy one I would spend the extra money for the River Island one just because it would probably last twice as long as the Primark jacket and I tried it on the other day and I loved it!

Black Faux Leather Jacket - River Island - £59.99
Aviator Jacket - Primark - £23.00