Friday, 23 September 2011

Want. So. Bad.


I know I have all-ready done a post with a Tiffany & Co necklace this week but I couldn’t help myself. I’ve wanted this necklace for a while now, mostly because of the classic “Return to Tiffany” heart tag pendant and the heart pendant with the Tiffany blue enamel finish. This necklace is just so pretty and so simple and what makes it better is that it is affordable.

Return to Tiffany double heart tag pendant - Tiffany & Co - £100.00


Pick of the week.


My pick of the week is this absolutely stunning embellished dress. The flowers are gorgeous and I can’t stop staring at them. It’s also very Taylor Swift.

Limited Edition Iridescent Daisy Dress - Topshop - £125.00


Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Accessories from H&M.


I had a little shopping trip today and was absolutely amazed by some of the accessories in H&M. I purchased the plaited bracelet and the wing ring, and I intend on purchasing the rest. Especially the boots! Ah! They are gorgeous.What amazes me the most are the prices. Everything above is more than affordable. Also, the plaited bracelet, boots and shoulder bags are all available in different colours. If you haven’t paid a visit to H&M in a while, I think its time to now!

Did you know…
For 20% off at H&M stores, check in on Facebook and show before purchasing.

Plaited Bracelet - £1.99
Bird Ring - £3.99
Beige Boots - £29.99
Wing Ring - £3.99
Shoulder Bag - £15.99


Thursday, 15 September 2011

Hard To Get.

I enjoy window shopping online, especially with items that a student like me will not afford. Looking at expensive clothing and accessories makes me more motivated to be successful in my life so that I can afford them. If ever I am successful in life, and I have made big bucks, then I can guarantee you that my first purchase would be a Mulberry bag. I have a love for them, its unexplainable. They are stunning and simple and beautiful. This one is special because it has the Mulberry tree on it. Mulberry for some strange reason have stopped putting the tree’s on their products as frequently as they used to. I also love the plaited strap, it makes the bag a bit different from the others.
American Vintage is a brand that is more affordable, but not at the moment. They specialise in knitwear and they do it well. This cable know cardigan is gorgeous.
Last but most definitely not least, the Tiffany & Co necklace in rose gold. It’s just perfect in every single way. I love rose gold, it makes jewellery romantic and sweet.

Daria Hobo – Mulberry - £775.00
W's Wool cardigan - American Vintage - £127.00
Return to Tiffany Heart Tag Necklace - Tiffany & Co - £1,360.00


If I had to buy one item right now it would be…

one thing
This dress is, stunning. It is simple, it is understated and it is elegant. Dot prints are so on trend right now. I prefer the bigger prints instead of the tiny dots which quite frankly, make my eyes go weird. The vintage collar and puffy sleeves make the dress a bit more interesting, and the elasticated waistline is not only flattering but almost makes it look like a shirt tucked into a skirt. You could have endless wear out of this dress because so much would go with it. You could pair a denim jacket with some boots for a casual grunge look, or put a soft pink cardigan on with some pale pumps for more of a vintage look. To dress up, put with nude or black pumps and a matching skinny belt. You could get so many different looks and styles from this one dress. I think it is something worth investing in.

Cream Spot Shirt Dress – Topshop - £30.00


Totes cool.

totes  cool
So I don’t know about the rest of the UK, but in Wales, from October 1st all retailers will be charging five pence per bag. McDonalds, Next, Topshop, Zara, everywhere. At first I was cool with it, I though that five pence is fine, but then I thought about how many bags I use when I go food or clothes shopping. All of those five pence's will add up, so we need to be carrying our own little bags around with us to save us some money and do our little bit to help the environment. I intend on purchasing all three of these bags as they are so amazing but the moustache bag is definitely my favourite!

I Moustache You A Question Bag - - £7.60
Anchors Away Sailor Bag - - £10.20
Letter Bag (Available in all letters) - - £12.00


Monday, 28 March 2011

super sweet bikinis

So it's official, the clocks went forward two nights ago and the days are getting brighter and longer; summers coming guys! It's time to get a super sweet bikini ready for the beach! I have picked a few of my favorites.

First of all my favorite one, the pink floral print bikini. Ah, everything about it is sweet and ditsy and screams summer. 
Second is a traditional gingham print - to me, this is a "pin-up girl" bikini. It's so retro and the pale blue is stunning. I also like the structured top and classic pant. 
The next bikini is quite unusual. It's very boho chic. I like that the top and pant don't match, makes it unique.
I love the bandana print on the last bikini. Again it's unusual and unique but gorgeous and summery at the same time.

Blue Gingham Seersucker Bikini - Topshop - £30.00
Ditsy Floral Bikini - Miss Selfridge - £25.00
Fantasy Mosaic Print Bikini - Warehouse - £14.00
Bandana Print Bikini - Miss Selfridge - £25.00


trend spotter: floral denim

A trend that I have been seeing a lot of lately is denim with a sweet, girly floral print. Denim is all the craze at the moment - between jeans, shorts, jackets and waistcoats; it's everywhere. It's nice to see a little twist, something a bit different than plain or distressed denim. Instead of denim having a cool or grungy look, it's a little more feminine with the floral print which allows you to wear edgy accessories and not look too over the top.

The floral play-suit pictured is my favorite piece from the selection. The print is very romantic with all of the roses and its sweet and ditsy at the same time. You could wear this to so many places and/or occasions. You could put it with a trilby hat and some sandals for the beach, or with a blazer and a pair of ankle boots for a more edgy looks. You could also put a lot of accessories with this.
Next is a denim swing dress with a floral lace detail on the chest with the gold buttons. This dress is perfect for casual day wear and would look stunning with a pair of tan boots. 
There  is then a floral tee. This isn't a denim tee but it has the denim look. The ditsy pattern is gorgeous and this would go really well with a pair of denim shorts and flip-flops for the beach. 
This is the cutest purse I have seen in a while and unlike all the other pieces, this is a dark denim which makes the floral print stand out and gives it a bit of a vintage look.

MOTO Bleached Denim Floral Playsuit - Topshop - £35.00
Floral Lace Swing Dress - Miss Selfridge - £36.00
Emanuelle Ditsy Print Scoop Vest - Oasis - £18.00
Floral Denim Purse - New Look - £3.99  


Monday, 11 October 2010


"I really like this jacket from River Island but it's too expensive, could you find a cheaper alternative for me please?"

The aviator style is one of the biggest trends this season, and with the weather gradually getting cooler, what better way is there to keep you warm?

This jacket from River Island is absolutely gorgeous but it is a little bit expensive. 
You could try looking in the normal high street shops like New Look, Dorothy Perkins or Miss Selfridge to see what you could find. I would say look in Topshop but their jackets cost so much. The one on the right is from Primark - I know it's not exactly the same but it is similar and it's wayyy cheaper! It has the same detail with the fur and the colour, the only main differences is the elasticated waist on the Primark jacket and the buckles on the River Island one. 

If I were to buy one I would spend the extra money for the River Island one just because it would probably last twice as long as the Primark jacket and I tried it on the other day and I loved it!

Black Faux Leather Jacket - River Island - £59.99
Aviator Jacket - Primark - £23.00


Wednesday, 22 September 2010

get the look: winter boho

This is my favourate look right now. The gorgeous stitch on the skirt is so wintery and I love waist bands like this. I'm so happy that denim jackets have stayed on trend for A/W, the one I have is practically identical to the one in this photo. 

 I don't have the exact bag, snood or boots in this picture but I have similar items. I have a lovely knitted black scarf that everyone should have somewhere - mines from years ago. The boot's I have are completely different to the ones featured, but any black boots will go lovely with this outfit. I also suggest putting either a pair of leggings or tights with this outfit because of weather reasons and they will also look super cute! I also have a little black satchel - like the scarf, everyone has a black bag somewhere. If you haven't and you want a cheap one, I suggest Primark or even better charity shops.
All I have to do is get this skirt, (which I plan on doing on my next pay day) and I will have this complete outfit! Is it weird that I'm actually excited?

Tall Denim Crop Jacket - Topshop - £40.00
Stitch Skirt - New Look - £20.00
Knitted Snood - New Look - £7.99
Black Faux Suede Ankle Stud Boots - £34.99 - River Island
Black Large Bag - Mischa Barton - £69.00


Sunday, 19 September 2010


Yesterday I went shopping with my mother, (yes I still go shopping with my mother). We went in a couple of charity shops, not really expecting to find anything special, just for a look really. To my surprise, in one I found a black leather look satchel which I loved as soon as I saw it, it was £1.50! I grabbed it and bought it.
Then I went in another and found a vintage look denim jacket that had hardly been worn and it was £3.00! I saw one that looked similar on eBay that I was going to buy for £20.00. This may sound cheesy but finding things that I have wanted for a while at that price made my day!
I seriously suggest for everyone to start "thrifting". Someone inspired me to do it so I'm hoping to do the same.


my desires - part three

First of all I would like to apologize for neglecting my blog recently. I have started a new job and school started this week and I'm starting A Level so I have to put a lot of time into my work now. I will of course try my best to post as often as I can

Now back on to the post. The first item featured is a gorgeous yet weird ring. It's so unusual and I think that's why I love it so much. Turquoise jewellery always seems to catch my eye. It's one of my favourate colours so that may be why. It's very angelic.
Next is a strapless chiffon dress. It doesn't look as good now as it does on the model. I love the ruffles at the top of the dress and how the dress just, falls. The colour is stunning as well and would go well with different skin tones.
Mmmm Chanel. This bag is flawless. Then again, most Chanel bags are flawless. I especially love this one because it's a backpack. I'm obsessed with them at the moment. If I ever buy a Chanel bag, then I will know that I have made it. I am literally in love with the bag, but I hate the price tag!
So at the moment I am addicted to anything camel. This bag comes in a range of different colours but the camel one is my favourate. I like the detail on the bag and the fact that it's not too in your face, it's subtle. This would easily look good with a lot of different outfits and fits right in for the A/W trends.
I am actually tempted to buy these earrings! I love them! They are absolutely gorgeous. They're so simple but they have a sweet vintage touch. The price isn't actually that bad either, which is always good.
Slingbacks seem to be the next big thing for heels. Courts are very popular right now but their a bit samey-same. I love the simplicity of these, just a simple black - yet they're sexy at the same time. These stood out to me because they are so elegant and classy.
Disney Couture is one of my favourate jewellery brands. I am a big, big, Big fan of Disney and to be able to wear the little mermaids castle around my neck is awesome! I'm like a big kid... I love the detail in the pendant! It's just beautiful.
I'm not normally a big fan of jumpsuits, but this one is lovely. It's so floaty and simple. It would be so easy to dress it up or down. Stella McCartney is an amazing designer and here she shows off how something plain and simple can be so enchanting.

Turquoise Double Cluster Ring - Juicy Couture - £86.00
Strapless Silk Chiffon Dress - ChloĆ© - £2,691.00
Vintage Black Quilted Backpack - Chanel - £1,755.00
Frag Quilted Leather Bag - Sara Berman - £175.00
Vintage 1980 Gold Tone Earrings - Valentino - £175.00
Leather Slingbacks - Christian Louboutin - £605.00
"The Little Mermaid" 14ct Gold Plated Necklace - Disney Couture - £50.00
Pleated Silk Crepe Jumpsuit - Stella McCartney - £1,145.00


Tuesday, 7 September 2010

shopping list: camel

Camel is the colour that everyone is talking about. Celebrities are constantly seen in the calm and collected colour, Vogue cannot stop talking about it and it is supposed to be the colour of the autumn/winter season along with khaki. I love that it's a natural colour that will go with a lot of clothes in everyone's closet. Coats and accessories are most wanted right now, their in demand more than camel tee's or trousers which are gradually getting more popular. I'd love a pair of tapered camel trousers to be honest, but mostly, I want a camel coat. I love the one featured.

*First are a pair of loafer's. I've never really been fussed on these, but as of lately, they're making me love them. The pair featured are gorgeous, the tassel detail is stunning and makes the loafers stand out. 
*Next is a leather purse which is sooo cheap! And it looks super expensive as well. I like the way the leather is cut and it has a vintage look to it.
*Court shoes are so on trend right now, so a pair of them in the most popular colour of the season will definitely boost your style.
*This trench coat is absolutely gorgeous! Topshop tend to always make amazing trenches but they tend to be a bit pricey. If you want one similar to this but for a fraction of the price, I saw one in H&M for £24.99.
*Everyone should have a tan/camel waist belt. I wear mine with so much it's crazy. This one is once again really expensive so if you want something similar but cheaper, I suggest looking in H&M or Primark.
*I really like this hair band. I'm not sure whether it would suit me or not though because I have brunette hair, I'll have to try it on in store and see what it's like and whether it clashes or not. I like that it's leather instead of a cotton fabric which always looks cheap to me. It's nice to see something different.
*Over the knee socks are essential for A/W! Their constantly on catwalks. If you see some of my previous posts about Zara and Alexander Wang, you can see how much they effect an outfit and give it that extra bit of edge. These socks are beautiful, the print it amazing!
*Last but definitely not least is the leather satchel. I'm a sucker for satchels, but normally I like cross body ones. This one is a shoulder bag and that makes it a little different to every other satchel. I like the straps and buckles on this, once again it gives it a vintage look. 

I honestly cannot choose my favourate items from this list. I literally can't. Their all stunning.

Tan Tassel Trim Loafer - Miss Selfridge - £40.00
Leather Scalloped Edge Purse - ASOS - £15.00
Cril Court Shoe - Oasis - £55.00
Exposed Seam Trench - Topshop - £80.00
Leather Military Buckle Belt - Topshop - £30.00
Leather Bow Head Band - Topshop - £15.00
Vintage Floral Knee Socks - Miss Selfridge - £6.00
Leather Buckle Strap Satchel - Topshop - £90.00


Wednesday, 1 September 2010

brown wedges

Wedges are so popular right now, especially dark brown ones. They have so many advantages. One - they're comfortable. Two - they look amazing. Three - They go with just about anything! That's without the benefit of making you taller and slimmer. Genius.

The first ones are probably my favourate ones out of them all, the strappy studded ones. I love the chocolate shade of brown and the fact that they look super expensive, like they could be designer. Next are some lower wedges and these are my second favourate. Their very sweet looking and are completely different to all the other wedges shown. My third favourate pair is the buckled wedges. The colour of the photo on the website is a bit lighter than they are in the store - I saw them the other day and they were darker. I like these because like the first pair, they look high fashion and like they could be designer. 

I like all the other wedges too, I put some "boot" wedges on here so there's a bit of variety, and boots can be very uncomfortable but I have a pair of boots like these and like any pair of wedges, they're really nice to walk in. I also like the studded cork wedges a lot - I think they will go lovely with beach wear.

Chocolate Peep Toe Wedges - Next - £55.00
Taupe Ruched Platform Wedges - Next - £55.00
Chocolate Low Wedges - Next - £35.00
Brown Multi Buckle Wedges - Dorothy Perkins - £42.00 
GEORGETTE Ankle Strap Wedges - Topshop - £60.00
Slouch Wedge Boot - New Look - £25.00
Dark Brown Studded Cork Wedges - Red Herring - £28.00

Sunday, 29 August 2010

bag a bargain

Just another sale alert here. This is a Marc B bag from Topshop that was £35.00 and is now £17.00. I love this bag because even though their not, as popular anymore, quilted bags are still good for everyday or evening wear and I think everyone should have one in their wardrobe. I have this exact bag in cream and it's useful because it goes with a practically everything and gives most outfits a bit of edge.

This bag is called The Little Venice by Marc B** and is on


p.s. Sorry if I'm not blogging as much. I started my first job on Friday and I have a very busy few weeks ahead of me so will try to post as often as possible.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010


Zara has become one of my latest weaknesses. I never used to go in the store because I thought it was too expensive, but it really isn't. You just pay for what you get, quality. Unlike Topshop, the clothing in Zara is worth the money you pay. I cannot wait until I get my first pay day so I can give Zara a visit.

Here are some of  my favourate outfits from Zara's new lookbook.


Tuesday, 24 August 2010

perfect outfits: topshop

The first outfit is adorable. It's so summery and perfect for everyday casual wear. The jersey like tee is simply amazing! It's then worn with a denim dungaree to give it a retro 70s look. Personally I love it and if I could pull this outfit off I would buy it right now. I also love the sunglasses with this outfit, they add more edge. I then love the tan bag. Tan accessories will bring this outfit together and give it a modern mix. I adore this outfit!!

 This is my favourate outfit of the three. The lace pink leotard goes amazing with the high waist shorts and the colours are bold and bright. Then to calm and complement the leotard and shorts, there is this ditsy fall down cardi. With a neutral off white colour and a gorgeous print, this calms the outfit down a bit and gives it a pretty and sweet look. Then again with tan accessories. It's this seasons favourate colour for them so go all out. Shoes, bags and bracelets are a good start. Add a trilby hat and this outfit is flawless!

So this is a more simple outfit. I love the military shirt, the sleeves are amazing. Their really long and they look like their just flowing. The off White colour is also stunning. Here it is buttoned to the top and tucked into some city shorts. Here an oversized bag is added and this will make your waistline look smaller. Add some tan shoes to complete the look.


Monday, 23 August 2010


"I'm looking for a maxi dress that isn't to expensive, can you help me find one please?"

I love maxi dresses! Their so comfortable and easy to wear, their so easy to dress up or down too.
Another great thing about them is that the style's and prints vary so much. There are romantic, vintage-y cotton and lace maxi dresses, stream lined jersey numbers, flowing floral maxis, relaxed silk versions and a scattering of bold, graphic prints in there too. 

Here are a few reasonably priced ones that I found. My favourate ones are the first and last dresses. The print's are gorgeous and summery, yet their still wearable for the autumn. 
Then my next favourate one is the plain white one. It can be worn with a blazer, denim jacket, a little cardi - with heels, flats, boots - you can do so much with this one dress.
Then my third favourate the black one. I would wear this going out because it's more for evening wear than everyday/casual. The neck chain detail is so, so pretty and this dress would be very easy to accessorize.

Rachel Flower Print Maxi Dress - Boohoo - £15.00
Black Chain Maxi Dress - Dorothy Perkins - £10.00
Floral Printed Maxi Dress - Miss Selfridge - £10.00
White Maxi Dress - Dorothy Perkins - £12.00
Tribal Print Maxi - - £18.00


Sunday, 22 August 2010

my desires - part two

This month is a little different to last months. Last month everything was pretty, this month has gone a tad bit edgier with the studded heels and the D&G tee.

So first up is the ring. As soon as I saw this I knew it would be up on my next desires post, so here it is. I think it's gorgeous, would go with anything and is so romantic.

The bag. Ah the bag. I want it. A lot! I love a lot of Chloe bags, most of them are sensational, but this one stood out to me. Why? The vintage satchel look of course. Like the previous item this bag would basically go with anything in your closet. It's just stunning.

I'm not the biggest fan of D&G clothing, or the bags actually, but this tee stood out to me. I really like it. The bad thing is though is that it reminds me of the Exposure collection at Topshop. Not that it's copied it (it's probably the opposite), but maybe if I was wearing this people may think that I got it for twenty quid there when really it's very expensive. So if £115.00 for a tee was pocket change for me, then I would buy it, but I don't think it's worth splurging out on.

I like the fact that nerdy things are in right now, being a math geek it makes me feel slightly cooler... I really like these nerdy glasses. Mostly because of the colour. The brown effect is really sweet and gives the glasses a girly edge. Most people that I know who wears glasses like these wear the 3D glasses and just pop the lenses out, but I hate them without the lenses in. It looks weird. But these, I loveeee!

This necklace really stood out to me. The ditsy pendant isn't something I've seen before, so it's nice to see something different. I also like the yellow gold, it'd once again a bit different. This is a very sweet necklace.

Last but not least, the shoes! Mmmmmmm. I love them. Their the sort of shoes that I love to look at, but would have no here to wear them. I love the girly colour mixed with grungy/gothic studs. It's a good mix. 

The item I want most out of all is the love bird ring, it's so, so sweet!

Alex Monroe Love Bird Ring - Benna - £145.00
Chloe Darla Shoulder Bag  - - £1,065.00
D&G Betty Page Tee - Harvey Nichols - £115.00
Super Tortoisheshell Glasses - Goodhood - £134.00
Vintage Channel Gold Necklace - ASOS - £1,220.00
Court Stud Platforms - Kurt Geiger - £180.00


sale alert

Here is a random combination of some items on sale that I found this morning. I love them all but my favourate item is the breeze shoes. Their gorgeous! 


Ballerina Shoes - French Connection - £9.00 - Originally £50.00
Vintage Look Bangle - Miss Selfridge - £3.00 - Originally £12.00
Suede Breeze Shoe - All Saints - £37.50 -  Originally £125.00
Print Shopper - Diane Von Furstenberg - £98.00 - Originally £215.00
Gold Watch Bangle - Miss Selfridge - £5.00 - Originally £25.00
Artisan Trompe Loeil Tee - Oasis - £5.00 - Originally £28.00
Tall Mid Blue Boyfriend Jeans - Dorothy Perkins - £15.00 - Orginally £25.00