Thursday, 29 July 2010

straw hat and granny bags

This is just a couple of things that I can't stop wearing this summer. (well I say summer... I mean rainy season). I love my trilby hat. It seems to suit me really well and goes with everything which is always an advantage.
Then there's the really cute bag, but sadly it's my nanny's. I want it so badly though. The little circle on the front is a coin, and I have a little obsession for old coins. It's quite sad actually. Sometimes I go to the museum in Cardiff, just to see the coin collection. Nerdy much?
But yeh that is one of the reasons that I like the bag so much. Also, I like it because I'm sure she bought it for about £1.50 at the charity shop she works in so it's a great bargain, and also, it's very vintage. I loveeee vintage !!

Anyway, this look was quite cute I thought. My new dress. (I put it on brand new this morning, went to McDonald's for breakfast and then I ended up getting maple syrup all down my dress. I have no idea how it happened but oh well.) I like the poofyness of the skirt and the detail at the top. It's almost like a corset which is cute.

Going camping tomorrow, I have chosen very inappropriate outfits, (dresses, playsuits). I need to invest in a wooly jumper !! Will hopefully do a post on that later in the week.



  1. Hey, I saw your link to your blog on Lookbook (I don't have account though, unfortunately, so you can't find me on there! I just stalk wistfully), so I thought I'd follow =]