Thursday, 12 August 2010

get the look: river island

You gotta love River Island. Their getting better and better by the day. I have to admit, I found this outfit on their "get a look" page and I couldn't resist but to put it on here because it is so amazing. They have gone so vintage! I remember when they were full of neon colours and tacky clothes, but now, I want to own the whole store. 

So this blouse is my favourate item. I want it so bad! The "tea bag" colour is amazing and I love the lace and button detail. It gives it a vintage/victorian look. But then it's paired with some high waisted shorts which are gorgeous and also keep it up to date and trendy. Wear with sunglasses and a pair of ankle boots and your set. 

One problem is that the prices are slightly high, but you can always look around for alternatives. You could get a pair of denim shorts from Primark, I have a pair of ankle boots from New Look and they were only £20.00 and I love them (and their a fraction of the River Island price). The blouse I think you would have to get from river Island, unless you did some thrifting to try and find a vintage one.

Lace and Button Blouse - £29.99
High Waisted Shorts - £29.99
Oversized Sunglasses - £12.99
Faux Fur Cuff Ankle boots - £74.99


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