Tuesday, 3 August 2010

marc jacobs fall 2010 collection

Times like these I wish I was rich, seriously!
Marc Jacobs' new collection is fab! I was looking at all his bags and there were only two that I didn't like (they had fur on them, which In my opinion looks terrible on bags). The rest were really beautiful and these were my favourate.

If I could I would get the dark brown leather satchel (middle on the bottom). It would go with practically anything and it is utterly gorgeous. It's got a vintage look to it as well which makes me love it even more.
The classic black quilted bag is my second favourate and then my third is gray bag (top right corner). It's a cute casual bag and the pocket detail is rather funky.

The majority of the bags that have been released are oversized which I'm very pleased with. This means oversized bags are still on trend. Yay! Their great for so many reasons. For example they make you look slimmer and they have room for all your stuff. Genius.

If you have the money, I seriously advise you to purchase one of these bags.


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