Sunday, 22 August 2010

my desires - part two

This month is a little different to last months. Last month everything was pretty, this month has gone a tad bit edgier with the studded heels and the D&G tee.

So first up is the ring. As soon as I saw this I knew it would be up on my next desires post, so here it is. I think it's gorgeous, would go with anything and is so romantic.

The bag. Ah the bag. I want it. A lot! I love a lot of Chloe bags, most of them are sensational, but this one stood out to me. Why? The vintage satchel look of course. Like the previous item this bag would basically go with anything in your closet. It's just stunning.

I'm not the biggest fan of D&G clothing, or the bags actually, but this tee stood out to me. I really like it. The bad thing is though is that it reminds me of the Exposure collection at Topshop. Not that it's copied it (it's probably the opposite), but maybe if I was wearing this people may think that I got it for twenty quid there when really it's very expensive. So if £115.00 for a tee was pocket change for me, then I would buy it, but I don't think it's worth splurging out on.

I like the fact that nerdy things are in right now, being a math geek it makes me feel slightly cooler... I really like these nerdy glasses. Mostly because of the colour. The brown effect is really sweet and gives the glasses a girly edge. Most people that I know who wears glasses like these wear the 3D glasses and just pop the lenses out, but I hate them without the lenses in. It looks weird. But these, I loveeee!

This necklace really stood out to me. The ditsy pendant isn't something I've seen before, so it's nice to see something different. I also like the yellow gold, it'd once again a bit different. This is a very sweet necklace.

Last but not least, the shoes! Mmmmmmm. I love them. Their the sort of shoes that I love to look at, but would have no here to wear them. I love the girly colour mixed with grungy/gothic studs. It's a good mix. 

The item I want most out of all is the love bird ring, it's so, so sweet!

Alex Monroe Love Bird Ring - Benna - £145.00
Chloe Darla Shoulder Bag  - - £1,065.00
D&G Betty Page Tee - Harvey Nichols - £115.00
Super Tortoisheshell Glasses - Goodhood - £134.00
Vintage Channel Gold Necklace - ASOS - £1,220.00
Court Stud Platforms - Kurt Geiger - £180.00



  1. Those Nerd glasses are fantasitc and the bird ring is just too cute!!

  2. I love the ring, it's so sweet!