Wednesday, 4 August 2010

calling all make up lovers

Today, I discovered an amazing website! Basically it has all your basic make up and more for unbelievable prices. I literally couldn't believe some of the prices on there. Also, the delivery price is only £1.50. Yaaaay! Finally, reasonably delivery prices.
This shop is perfect for me because I'm not picky with what brand of make up I wear, as long as I don't look like a tangerine, I'm good.

So the brands on the website I've never really heard of before, so for all I know they may be terrible, but it's worth trying them out for the price anyway. I'm going to buy something from there soon, so I will post my review of the service and quality of the products as soon as possible.

The items that I have featured in this post are the most popular on the website, it's not on what I would wear. I wouldn't buy the foundation because I don't wear foundation but I need a waterproof mascara so I will most probably buy that tomorrow (especially for that price!).

The nail polish, foundation and lip stick shown comes in a variety of different colours or shades.

Technic Moonlit Jade Nail Polish - £1.25
Body Collection Classic Waterproof Mascara - £1.49
Technic Whipped Foundation Mousse - £3.99
Body Collection Classic Lipstick - £1.49


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