Tuesday, 10 August 2010

alexander wang

Alexander Wang is one of my favourate designers. His clothes are absolutely amazing and unlike some designers, their wearable.Here are a few outfits from his spring/summer collection.

My favourate ever outfit of his is the one in the first photo. The high waisted shorts are flawless and make the models waist look tiny. The polo top is amazing. The colours are stunning and goes so well with denim blues. I love how he has mixed vertical lines on the shorts with horizontal lines on the tee.  I really want to find an outfit like this on the high street, it's so cute! 

The second outfit is also gorgeous. I love the tan leather shorts with the oversized tee. It has knee high gray socks like the first outfit, which gives it a sweet, ditsy look. 

The third outfit is very different to the other two and it's what I would call a daring outfit. I just love the edgyness of this outfit and the fact that it's grungy yet worn by a very pretty model. It's very different and I think that's why I love it!


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