Friday, 20 August 2010


"I'm looking for a Cardigan to go back to school and one to wear everyday. My uniform code is black. Could you help please?"
 So I thought I would do the everyday cardigans first. The ones I have chosen are wooly and nice and warm, as well as being able to go with a variety of different outfits. 

So the first cardigan is as you can tell very wooly and looks so warm and comfortable, as well as stylish and on trend. The ginger red colour is really pretty but it could be a problem because it may not go with a lot of things.
The second cardigan looks much better on a close up photo, so I suggest going on the website to look at this cardi because it really is stunning. The best thing about this one is that it should go with just about anything in your wardrobe as it is an off white colour and I love the detail of the shoulders.
The third is a very thick wooly cardi with cute wooden buttons. This would once again go with practically anything.
The last one is very cute and ditsy. I chose this because I love the skirt detail at the bottom, and I love the colour. If you have a lot of creams in your wardrobe then this would go lovely with them and it would also go lush with some light denim jeans.

My favourate cardigan is probably the third one. I love the old granny look to it and the black bits mixed with the taupe. Also the wooden buttons are gorgeous and gives the cardi a vintage and expensive look.

Knitted Diamond Stitch Cardi - Topshop - £42.00
Crochet Doiley Cardi - Miss Selfridge - £40.00
Knitted Textured Slouch Cardi - Topshop - £40.00
Mink Spot Hem Cardi - Miss Selfridge - £35.00

 Here are the cardigans that I picked for back to school. I tried not to pick boring or plain ones because you can get them easily from stores like new look or if your on a tight budget, Tesco or Asda because I've seen some cute ones there recently for amazing prices. For really nice plain ones though I recommend Zara. That's where I have always got my plain cardi's from (In my school, were not allowed anything on our jumpers or cardi's).

The first cardi is really unique, I've never seen feathers like this on the high street and it gives it a designer edge. So the cardi is quite simple but with the shoulder detail it makes it a bit special and I think if you had this cardi, you would have people asking you where it's from and how much they like it.
Second is a simple yet different cardi. I really like this and it looks so good on the model on the website, so just click on the link and take a look at how good it looks on. This could easily be worn for casual wear as well as school uniform.
Next is a cardi that I have seen on a person at my school and it looked really good with the school polo shirt underneath. It looks white plain but the "waterfall" detail is flawless and falls nicely, which makes your waist look tiny.
Last is the military style cardi, if you want to add a bit of edge to your school uniform then I suggest this. The tassel detail is really cute and like the first cardi, I haven't seen this much on cardi's on the high street.

My favourate cardi is the second one with the white trim. I really love looking at this on the model and how well it goes with casual clothes as well as uniform. Also when you look below you will see how amazing the price is which is another reason to buy it right now! 

Feather Shoulder Cardi - Oasis - £50.00
Amber Contrast Trim Jersey Cardigan - Boohoo - £8.00
Cropped Waterfall Cardi - Topshop - £25.00
Trudy Stud and Tassle Cardigan - Boohoo - £15.00


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