Tuesday, 24 August 2010

perfect outfits: topshop

The first outfit is adorable. It's so summery and perfect for everyday casual wear. The jersey like tee is simply amazing! It's then worn with a denim dungaree to give it a retro 70s look. Personally I love it and if I could pull this outfit off I would buy it right now. I also love the sunglasses with this outfit, they add more edge. I then love the tan bag. Tan accessories will bring this outfit together and give it a modern mix. I adore this outfit!!

 This is my favourate outfit of the three. The lace pink leotard goes amazing with the high waist shorts and the colours are bold and bright. Then to calm and complement the leotard and shorts, there is this ditsy fall down cardi. With a neutral off white colour and a gorgeous print, this calms the outfit down a bit and gives it a pretty and sweet look. Then again with tan accessories. It's this seasons favourate colour for them so go all out. Shoes, bags and bracelets are a good start. Add a trilby hat and this outfit is flawless!

So this is a more simple outfit. I love the military shirt, the sleeves are amazing. Their really long and they look like their just flowing. The off White colour is also stunning. Here it is buttoned to the top and tucked into some city shorts. Here an oversized bag is added and this will make your waistline look smaller. Add some tan shoes to complete the look.


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