Wednesday, 18 August 2010

vintage jewellery

I'm obsessed with vintage look jewellery. Anything brassy or a dusty gold is a must have for me. 

One place where I always buy my jewellery is Accessorize, which is where all these pieces are from. My favourate piece is the shield bracelet, it's gorgeous! Then my second favourate piece is the key necklace.  It's got such an old look to it and it's so quirky. Third is the gold cuff. I love the flower center and the detail on the actual cuff.
All of this jewellery can be a little expensive, especially from Accessorize, so if you want to find some antique jewellery for cheap, I suggest thrift shops or charity shops. I bought a gorgeous dusty gold cuff from one the other day for £3.00 and I can't stop wearing it.

Another place that I buy my jewellery is Topshop, but with Topshop jewellery, the gold colour fades really fast, so unless their really cheap I won't buy jewellery from there anymore.


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