Monday, 2 August 2010

shopping list: nudes

Nude is my favourate colour for clothes and accessories, ever! It's sweet and it's vintage.
All of the pieces here are my favourate from the high street, I literally want them all!

The bag that is featured is a bag that I own, and it goes everywhere with me! I have a few looks with it so if you want to see some more photos of it then I suggest checking out my lookbook.
My two favourate things on here which I am hopefully going to buy are the brogues and the sleeveless shirt. Their both absolutely gorgeous! Also I have been looking for a nude pair of brogues for so long, I have finally found these!

The heels in this are absolutely adorable. Shoes like these make me want to wear heels everyday, if only I had places to wear them. Something else I absolutely love is the wrist bag which is in the top left corner. It would be brilliant for a festival!

The skirt featured is in my opinion, a perfect "work" skirt. Put a white shirt with it and a killer pair of heels and your set. The sunglasses are pretty and the colour is really unique.

The embellished headband is so, so, so stunning. I wish I could pull them off! Sadly I cannot.

1*Wrist Purse - Topshop - £10.00
2*Bow Button Mini Skirt - Topshop - £32.00
3*Ruche Top Soft Bag - Topshop - £36.00
4*Lace Detail Long Line Shirt - Miss Selfridge - £30.00
5*Sunglasses - Topshop - £18.00
6*Lace Up Brogue - New Look - £16.99
7*V-Front Trim Blouse -Topshop - £32.00
8*Nude Multi Lace Shoe - Miss Selfridge - £35.00
*Beaded Knot Headband - Topshop - £25.00
10*Seashell Hair Clip - Oasis - £12.00


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