Tuesday, 10 August 2010

shopping list: topshop

Topshop have always been my favourite high street store. They offer a wide range of cutting edge clothes at amazing prices, and one piece has the ability to transform a wardrobe forever.

Here, I've selected a few of my favourite things they have in store at the moment, just to show off how stunning it really is.  My favourate piece is the tattoo print dress. Its absolutely stunning. If you can't see the print properly then go on Topshop.com, search it and zoom in on the dress because the print is amazing! Second, I love the jeans. I'm not a jeans person at all, I actually turned all of my jeans into shorts so I have none, but these jeans I would love to own, (maybe as soon as I get a job). Then third, the shoe boots. How stunning are they?! As soon as I have places to wear heels, I will have to get these. 

The tee, bag and jewellery are also some of my other favourate pieces. I own the heart studs and their gorgeous and go with everything and have a vintage look about them. I may consider getting the bag for school. My school uniform is all black so it will brighten it up a bit.

Tattoo Print Babydoll Dress - £45.00
ALLY Shoe Boots - £80.00
Tapestry Box Bag - £30.00
I Love NY Tee by Realitee - £25.00
Ornate Flower Clamp - £20.00
Heart Flower Studs - £6.00
Extreame Ripped Tapered Jeans - £45.00



  1. topshop is my favourite high street store also! i especially love those shoes!! :)

  2. It's mine too! I know, their so amazing. :)