Monday, 28 March 2011

super sweet bikinis

So it's official, the clocks went forward two nights ago and the days are getting brighter and longer; summers coming guys! It's time to get a super sweet bikini ready for the beach! I have picked a few of my favorites.

First of all my favorite one, the pink floral print bikini. Ah, everything about it is sweet and ditsy and screams summer. 
Second is a traditional gingham print - to me, this is a "pin-up girl" bikini. It's so retro and the pale blue is stunning. I also like the structured top and classic pant. 
The next bikini is quite unusual. It's very boho chic. I like that the top and pant don't match, makes it unique.
I love the bandana print on the last bikini. Again it's unusual and unique but gorgeous and summery at the same time.

Blue Gingham Seersucker Bikini - Topshop - £30.00
Ditsy Floral Bikini - Miss Selfridge - £25.00
Fantasy Mosaic Print Bikini - Warehouse - £14.00
Bandana Print Bikini - Miss Selfridge - £25.00


trend spotter: floral denim

A trend that I have been seeing a lot of lately is denim with a sweet, girly floral print. Denim is all the craze at the moment - between jeans, shorts, jackets and waistcoats; it's everywhere. It's nice to see a little twist, something a bit different than plain or distressed denim. Instead of denim having a cool or grungy look, it's a little more feminine with the floral print which allows you to wear edgy accessories and not look too over the top.

The floral play-suit pictured is my favorite piece from the selection. The print is very romantic with all of the roses and its sweet and ditsy at the same time. You could wear this to so many places and/or occasions. You could put it with a trilby hat and some sandals for the beach, or with a blazer and a pair of ankle boots for a more edgy looks. You could also put a lot of accessories with this.
Next is a denim swing dress with a floral lace detail on the chest with the gold buttons. This dress is perfect for casual day wear and would look stunning with a pair of tan boots. 
There  is then a floral tee. This isn't a denim tee but it has the denim look. The ditsy pattern is gorgeous and this would go really well with a pair of denim shorts and flip-flops for the beach. 
This is the cutest purse I have seen in a while and unlike all the other pieces, this is a dark denim which makes the floral print stand out and gives it a bit of a vintage look.

MOTO Bleached Denim Floral Playsuit - Topshop - £35.00
Floral Lace Swing Dress - Miss Selfridge - £36.00
Emanuelle Ditsy Print Scoop Vest - Oasis - £18.00
Floral Denim Purse - New Look - £3.99