Monday, 26 July 2010

my desires - part one

This was just a random thought that I thought would be quite cute for my blog, for me to post maybe once a month a few things that I am lusting for so badly. So these things will probably be designer or just out of my price range .

So here are my desires for this month;

1*This is the dress that I put a recent post. It's a maxi dress from the Kate Moss Collection at Topshop and it is £120.00. I absolutely love this dress, it looks perfect and the detail at the top is gorgeous. I really like the halterneck strap as-well.
2*Ah these shoes are my dream shoes right now. I love the biscuit colour and the way the girly frills work with the studs. The shoes are named Mendez and they are from the Jimmy Choo "Pre Fall 10" collection. They are sadly £625.00 and wayyyy out of my league, but if I could by any shoes right now, it would be them.
3*The next item is a gorgeous "
Precious Gemstone Cocktail Ring". It is an oval pink quarts ring by Kara Ross. Is it sad that I am completely in love with it? It's just so damn pretty and the colours are amazing. What I love most about this ring is that it's unique and would make a statement when it's on. It is £129.00 which isn't that bad considering it has a gemstone in it.
4*A necklace that is quite plain and simple, yet elegant and luxurious. The daisy pendant is also a quarts watch and it is gold plated. You can probably tell that this is by Marc Jacobs, as the daisy is one of his best known motifs. I love most things Marc Jacobs, especially his perfume, but this necklace is flawless. Its £150.00 but if I had money like that to spend on a necklace, I would definitely get this.
5*Sunglasses, everyone has to have a pair, the perfect pair. Personally these sunglasses would be perfect for me. The square over sized shape is glamorous and the colour of the tint is fetching. They are £120.00 and are by Miu Miu. The perfect summer accessory.
Last but not least, Louis Vuitton. I have always wanted a Louis Vuitton bag, for as long as I have loved fashion. I'm supposed to be getting one for my 18th birthday. We'll see. Anyway, the bag in the picture isn't the one I would have, I couldn't find the one that I liked on the website. I would have the classic monogram canvas because it would go with practically anything, and it is so stunning! This bag is named "Neo", it is new in on the website and is £1,340.00, and I want it so so badly!


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