Tuesday, 20 July 2010

So, here it goes...

So first off, a little bit about me;

*I am 16, I live near Cardiff in the UK. I have just finished year 11 in school and I will now be going on to do my A-Levels in September which will be maths, religious studies and business studies.
It sounds really boring I know but the things I do outside school sort of make up for it.

*I am an only child, live with my mammy and I love her to bits. I have two stupidly close cousins who are 7/8 years older than me so I feel I have grown up faster and better because of them. Their like my two sisters that I can get rid of when I'm fed up of them. :p

*I love fashion. Everything to do with it. I've always been designing clothes since god knows when but I have finally taken up making them. I got myself a sewing machine and everything and this is sort of why I have made this blog, so I have somewhere sort of official to put photo's up of my progress.

*Music is another thing that I am obsessed with. I live and sleep music. I play guitar, sing, perform, listen, go to gigs and concerts. I lovveeeee it!

So basically, I shall just chuck photo's up and rants of mostly fashiony stuff and stuff that I want but can't afford ><


Beware! I over use smiley faces, my spelling is terrible and I tend to put lots of letters on the end of words like thissssss, just for extra emphases and cause I'm weird. ;D)

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