Monday, 26 July 2010

America, America, how i wish to live in your country!

So America has done it again, it has another thing that makes me just want to pack my bags, jump on a plane and get first class tickets to New York!
So I recently had a prom to go to, and I payed £150.00 for a dress that I will never wear again. If only I lived in America.

So is a website where you basically, rent the runway. It does dresses and even accessories for all occasions for a fraction of the designer price! Weddings, proms, going out, vacations and even casual wear.
Another thing I love about this website is that if you want, they will send you two dresses of different sizes, just to make sure you have a dress to fit you, and this is with no additional cost! The prices I am giving are for four days of renting.

I had a little look around the website and here are a few of my favorites;

1*So this is a "Boho Mary Kate Dress". Honestly, I love it. The print is gorgeous and the gold beading with the button up front is just stunning. The retail price of this dress is $495.00 (£320.00), the rental price is $75.00 (£48.00).

2*This dress would be perfect for a date night or a cocktail party, the colours are bright and would definitely make you stand out. The retail price is $375.00 (£242.00), the rental price is just $50.00 (£32.00) which is brilliant.

3*I love this dress! I swear, if I had the boobs to pull it off (which I don't), I would have rented it from this website for my prom, no matter how much it cost. In my eye's its the perfect prom dress. The website suggests to wear it as a bridesmaid dress, but I think its to revealing for that, as all the attention should be on the bride, not the bridesmaids boobs. Anyway the retail price of this dress is $630.00 (£407.00) and the rental price is $100.00 (£65.00), which is an amazing price!!

4*Now the accessories on this website are really cheap but they look super expensive which is great. This necklace is super cute and very in right now. It's just too pretty. The retail price is $150.00 (£97.00) and it's rental price is $15.00 (£10.00), which is amazing !!!

5*It was really hard choosing a bracelet of the website. There were so many and they were all different and really cheap. It actually amazed me. I love this eighteen karet gold bracelet because I've never seen something like it before, it's unique and I loveeee unique! This bracelet retails for $340.00 (£220.00) and the rental price is $45.00 (£29.00) and for eighteen karet gold, that's a good price!

6*So as you can tell, I'm obsessed with the accessories on this website, these earrings are so fabulous! They have a vintage look to them and once again, I've never seen anything like them before so their unique. These clip on earrings with genuine pearls and crystals retail for $198.00 (£128.00) and the rental price is only $35.00 (£23.00) which isn't that bad at all.


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