Sunday, 25 July 2010


So the one thing that I am stupidly obsessed with this summer is maxi dresses! Their just so gorgeous and easy to wear and anyone can wear them, whether your a size 6 or a size 16, they look great!

These maxi dresses are a few of my favorites;

1*The first one is a "Cutout Maxi Dress" from the Kate Moss collection at Topshop. It's a gorgeous cream colour and it is £120.00. A bit pricey but I bet if I wore that I would feel like a princess.
2*The second dress is a "Floral Bloom Maxi Dress" from Miss Selfridge. It is a bandeau style with a gigantic bloom print. This dress is £30.00 which is a much better price than the first.
3*This one is a "Blue Tribal Print Maxi Dress" from Dorothy Perkins. Not only do I love the print and colours on this dress but I love the wooden halterneck strap as well. It gives it a bit of edge. This dress is £32.00, such a great price for an amazing dress!
4*I love everything about this dress. It is a "Floral Maxi" from the Love** collection at Topshop. It is a creamy/yellow colour, perfect for the summer and the print is just amazing. It is £38.00 and I think it's worth every penny!
5*The last one is a bit unusual. It's a "Nouveau Swirl Maxi" from Warehouse. It has a mix of greyish colours which I think is more winter than summer but could work great for all seasons. It's also a silk dress which makes it more elegant. This dress is £100.00, so is a bit expensive but if you can wear it at any time of year, it's well worth it.

So I love all of these dresses but over all - my favorate is 4*. At only £38.00 it's a bargain and utterly gorgeous! The colours and print are just amazing and I love it.


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