Sunday, 25 July 2010

Dressmaking and Embroidery Classes.

So the main point of me doing this blog is to update you on how my clothes making is going. Because I've never made clothes before I need classes. I looked at my local ones the other day and found a "Dressmaking and Embroidery Class" which sounds really good. It was supposed to cost £102, but because I'm only 16 I get it for a third of the price, £34 which is brilliant!

It starts in September, when I go back to school and it is a night collage thing and it's once a week for twenty weeks. I'm very excited about this but this also means that I won't be doing much dress making and stuff until then. So what I have decided to do is to just try sewing just random things and the first thing I'm going to make is bunting! :D For my baby cousins 1st birthday party which is in a month.

So yeh, I thought I would just let you know. :)


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