Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Accessories from H&M.


I had a little shopping trip today and was absolutely amazed by some of the accessories in H&M. I purchased the plaited bracelet and the wing ring, and I intend on purchasing the rest. Especially the boots! Ah! They are gorgeous.What amazes me the most are the prices. Everything above is more than affordable. Also, the plaited bracelet, boots and shoulder bags are all available in different colours. If you haven’t paid a visit to H&M in a while, I think its time to now!

Did you know…
For 20% off at H&M stores, check in on Facebook and show before purchasing.

Plaited Bracelet - £1.99
Bird Ring - £3.99
Beige Boots - £29.99
Wing Ring - £3.99
Shoulder Bag - £15.99


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