Monday, 28 March 2011

super sweet bikinis

So it's official, the clocks went forward two nights ago and the days are getting brighter and longer; summers coming guys! It's time to get a super sweet bikini ready for the beach! I have picked a few of my favorites.

First of all my favorite one, the pink floral print bikini. Ah, everything about it is sweet and ditsy and screams summer. 
Second is a traditional gingham print - to me, this is a "pin-up girl" bikini. It's so retro and the pale blue is stunning. I also like the structured top and classic pant. 
The next bikini is quite unusual. It's very boho chic. I like that the top and pant don't match, makes it unique.
I love the bandana print on the last bikini. Again it's unusual and unique but gorgeous and summery at the same time.

Blue Gingham Seersucker Bikini - Topshop - £30.00
Ditsy Floral Bikini - Miss Selfridge - £25.00
Fantasy Mosaic Print Bikini - Warehouse - £14.00
Bandana Print Bikini - Miss Selfridge - £25.00


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