Wednesday, 1 September 2010

brown wedges

Wedges are so popular right now, especially dark brown ones. They have so many advantages. One - they're comfortable. Two - they look amazing. Three - They go with just about anything! That's without the benefit of making you taller and slimmer. Genius.

The first ones are probably my favourate ones out of them all, the strappy studded ones. I love the chocolate shade of brown and the fact that they look super expensive, like they could be designer. Next are some lower wedges and these are my second favourate. Their very sweet looking and are completely different to all the other wedges shown. My third favourate pair is the buckled wedges. The colour of the photo on the website is a bit lighter than they are in the store - I saw them the other day and they were darker. I like these because like the first pair, they look high fashion and like they could be designer. 

I like all the other wedges too, I put some "boot" wedges on here so there's a bit of variety, and boots can be very uncomfortable but I have a pair of boots like these and like any pair of wedges, they're really nice to walk in. I also like the studded cork wedges a lot - I think they will go lovely with beach wear.

Chocolate Peep Toe Wedges - Next - £55.00
Taupe Ruched Platform Wedges - Next - £55.00
Chocolate Low Wedges - Next - £35.00
Brown Multi Buckle Wedges - Dorothy Perkins - £42.00 
GEORGETTE Ankle Strap Wedges - Topshop - £60.00
Slouch Wedge Boot - New Look - £25.00
Dark Brown Studded Cork Wedges - Red Herring - £28.00

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